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The McHenry County Correction Correctional Bureau Facility inmate/detainee worker program contributes to the orderly operation of the jail. The classification division carefully screens and recruits eligible inmates/detainees to fill the worker positions. Classification officers assign these individuals to work in the kitchen, laundry room and custodial services, where they are supervised by corrections officers. The worker program is a means of positive reinforcement for the inmates/detainees while incarcerated and may help them with job opportunities upon release.

Sheriff's Road Crew

Road-CrewThe Sheriff's Road Crew Program consists of two correctional officers assigned to supervise up to four inmate workers who perform work details outside the jail in the community of McHenry County. The road crew program is strictly voluntary. To be eligible for this program, an inmate must pass a medical screening and cannot have a sentence or history of violent offenses.

The road crew works Monday through Friday from the first week of May to the second week of October. The 16 townships and various city and government agencies inside McHenry County often request the road crew's services, which vary from picking up trash on the roads and easements and patching pot holes and seal coating to painting guard rails, clearing trees and brush and washing fleet vehicles.

In the 2011 season alone, more than 4,479 hours of work were completed:

  • 302 hours were spent painting
  • 966 hours were spent removing trees and brush
  • 176 hours were spent paving and patching asphalt
  • 966 hours were spent doing various other tasks such as cleaning shop, washing fleet vehicles, landscaping and cleaning up after community special events.
  • 2,069 hours were spent collecting trash, clearing over 370.9 miles of roadway and filling more than 679 bags of garbage.

The litter pick-up not only helps the community look better, but it also helps save money for the local townships that would normally have to use extra manpower to complete these tasks. It also reduces wear and tear on mower equipment that would run over this debris. The program also gives inmates a chance to give back to the community by completing constructive tasks. 

In2Work Program

The goal of IN2WORK, conducted by ARAMARK, is to teach offenders the fundamentals of working in a food service environment to help them gain skills and experiences that can be leveraged when they reenter the workforce. The IN2WORK program includes both a classroom component and an on-the-job training component and is comprised of three modules: Kitchen Basics, Retail Basics and ServSafe®. The benefits of IN2WORK include:

  • Inmates are given the opportunity to learn and work in a structured training program, which boosts self-esteem and provides a recognizable certificate.
  • Certification can help open doors to employment upon release.
  • Successful re-entry contributes to reduced recidivism. Research shows that this type of program provides offenders the skills to find meaningful employment as well as the values and discipline needed to become productive citizens.
  • The program leads to a more efficient, better functioning kitchen.


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