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At McHenry County Sheriff’s Office, we help you build a career. We’re a mid-sized department with countless opportunities for positions, advancements, and skill development, which means your career is what you make it.

For our Deputies, our countless units and modern training means new and exciting ways to develop your skills. Units include K9, narcotics, snowmobile, intel and apprehension, SWAT and more.

For our Corrections Officers, our accredited jail, modern approaches, state-of-the-art training, and speciality teams give you countless ways to shape your future.

McHenry County is built as a family, with the support of a community behind it. Your dedication to serve and protect will not go unnoticed by citizens in McHenry County.

Strive for Excellence.

Excellence is what we expect. We are committed to serving our citizens, our county, and each other. 

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Expand your skillset.

Make your career what you want with one of our numerous speciality units, a new state-of-the-art training facility, and a dedicated team here to support you.

The support of a family.

We mean it when we say we are a family. Dedicated to our team members and our community, our support doesn’t waiver. With the foundation of a county behind you, the opportunities are endless.

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Develop your career.

Your career is what you make it. We have the options you need and the direction and support to get you there.

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