Premise Alert Program

About the Program

The Illinois Premise Alert Program allows for those with special needs or disabilities, or their guardians, to provide personal information to Public Safety Agencies in the State of Illinois for emergency dissemination to police, fire and EMS personnel. The information provided to first responders for McHenry County is stored and maintained in our secure database that is provided to first responders, via our dispatch system, prior to their arrival at the scene. 

Premise Alert Program Notification Form

We encourage you to complete the Premise Alert Program form to provide public safety personnel access to vital information regarding physical, developmental, behavioral or emotional disabilities. This information can be provided for residences, businesses or schools within our jurisdiction. We acknowledge that the information provided on this form is confidential and will only be provided to emergency responders. Should you have any questions regarding the PAP program, please feel free to contact our Communications Division at 815-338-2144 or email us at

Please email or print the completed form and return it to:

McHenry County Sheriff’s Office

2200 N. Seminary Avenue

Woodstock, IL 60098