Criminal Investigations Department

Detectives in the criminal investigations unit handle a wide variety of complaints from burglaries, arson, and home invasions to armed robberies, sexual assaults, and homicides. Detectives are highly trained and deploy a number of effective techniques to gather and analyze evidence.


The effective investigation and prosecution of a criminal relies heavily on the methodical process with which evidence is handled. The Evidence Division’s mission is to provide secure, efficient control and storage of property acquired during investigations.

The Evidence Division also transports evidence to the crime lab for processing, provides access to evidence for any prosecuting or defense attorneys, responds to major crime scenes for photography and testifies in court cases.


The Narcotics Division investigates complaints generated by citizen contacts, Crime Stoppers reports, and officer-initiated activities. The division consists of officers from the Sheriff’s Office and other law enforcement agencies within the county. They receive specialized training and have extensive knowledge of the narcotics trade, specifically regarding the recognition, apprehension, and prosecution of those involved in illegal drug activity.

Intel / Apprehension

Within the Narcotics Division is the Intel/Apprehension Unit, which conducts investigations and takes local, state, and federal fugitives with outstanding arrest warrants into custody. The Intel/Apprehension Unit also maintains the McHenry County Most Wanted list, which features a number of our area’s most dangerous criminals.