Police Social Worker

Police Social Work Division

The function of a Police Social Worker is to provide support services to individuals and families involved in incidents which come to the attention of the police department and are identified as requiring professional counseling or referrals.  These types of situations or cases are beyond the scope of what police officers can provide in their individual law enforcement role, and are then referred to the department’s Police Social Workers. 

Examples of a Police Social Worker’s role can involve providing crisis intervention or deescalation services to individuals in need; connecting families to social service providers in the county; assisting deputies on calls where mental illness is a factor; supporting crime victims or families during fatal events; facilitating trainings on officer wellness; and at times providing short-term counseling to individuals for stabilization purposes. 

McHenry County also offers Peer Support through their Police Social Workers, which helps to facilitate the mental health and well-being of all of those employed at the Sheriff’s Office. 

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