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The McHenry County Sheriff's Correctional Bureau offers a range of rehabilitative programs for inmates.  The Bureau's administrative staff is committed to providing inmates with opportunities for rehabilitation and reintegration back into the community.
McHenry County Community College provides us with licensed instructors and proctors to conduct GED classes in the facility's library. In the last year we have had 23 inmates submit applications for GED and 8 have received their GED certificates.
The McHenry County Health Department has volunteers that come each Tuesday for a HIV/AIDS training education for the inmates.  This program has been going on for the last 10 years and is well received by the inmate population.
All detainees have access to religious resources, services, instruction and counseling on a voluntary basis.  This service is provided by volunteers who facilitate these programs weekly. All detainees are extended the freedom and opportunity to pursue legitimate religious beliefs or practices within the constraints of security and safety considerations.


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