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The first McHenry County Jail was established together with the Sheriff's Office in 1837. As the county grew, so did the need for more space. In 1972, a new government center was built. Nearly 20 years later a separate adult correctional facility was built. In 2006, that space was expanded again and today we have the capacity to house up to 650 inmates and employ 195 correctional officers and staff.

The facility houses inmates awaiting trial in criminal cases, as well as those that have been sentenced to the County facility. An inmate can be held at the facility until they can post bond or are sentenced. After an inmate is sentenced, they can be detained at the County facility for 364 days. Anyone sentenced to more than 364 days is taken to the Illinois Department of Corrections to serve their sentence.

Included in the inmate population are Federal Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detainees, Federal U.S. Marshal inmates and Federal Bureau of Prison inmates. By housing approximately 325-380 federal detainees/inmates, the jail generates revenue for the county at a rate of $95 per detainee/inmate per day from the federal government. To locate a detainee who is currently in ICE custody, or who was released from ICE custody for any reason within the last 60 days, please click here.

Illinois County Statute (55 ILCS 5/3-6017)

The Sheriff is the custodian of the courthouse and jail. He or she shall have the custody and care of the courthouse and jail of his or her county, except as is otherwise provided.

Illinois County Statute (55 ILCS 5/3-6023)

Each sheriff shall, in person or by deputy, county corrections officer, or court security officer, attend upon all courts held in his or her county when in session, and obey the lawful orders and directions of the court, and shall maintain the security of the courthouse. Court services customarily performed by sheriffs shall be provided by the sheriff or his or her deputies, county corrections officers, or court security officers, rather than by employees of the court, unless there are no deputies, county corrections officers, or court security officers available to perform such services.

The expenses of the sheriff in carrying out his or her duties under this Section, including the compensation of deputies, county corrections officers, or court security officers assigned to such services, shall be paid to the county from fees collected pursuant to court order for services of the sheriff and from any court services fees collected by the county pursuant to Section 5-1103, as now or hereafter amended.


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