April 29, 2022

McHenry County Sheriff’s Deputy Awarded Officer of the Year by Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police

At the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police banquet on Friday, April 29, McHenry County Sheriff’s Deputy Sgt. Trent Raupp was recognized as “Most Outstanding Law Enforcement Officer of the Year” for his dedication in solving a missing person-turned-murder case.

Sgt. Trent Raupp, a 15-year veteran of the Sheriff’s Office, was nominated for this award by Sheriff Prim, citing Raupp’s “outstanding achievements as an investigator and his dedication to protecting the community and bringing justice.” Raupp, who began his career as a corrections officer in 2007, then becoming a deputy and eventually a detective, was recently promoted to sergeant in early 2022.

McHenry County Sheriff’s Deputy Awarded Officer Of The Year By Illinois Association Of Chiefs Of Police

Sgt. Raupp played a critical role in investigating the disappearance of Michelle M. Arnold-Boesiger, who was reported missing in early January 2021 from Holiday Hills. Sgt. Raupp’s diligent and thorough work, along with the assistance of multiple agencies, led to the discovery of Michelle M. Arnold-Boesiger’s body and the arrest of her boyfriend for murder.

Sgt. Raupp was assigned the case while working as a detective in the Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations Division. From there, he successfully developed a victimology based on Arnold-Boesiger’s cell phone data, social media accounts, and previous police interactions.

Despite many dead ends, Sgt. Raupp was successfully able to plot the movements of Aronld-Boesiger, and her boyfriend Jonathan Van Duyn. Sgt. Raupp noticed that the couple frequented a storage unit in Roscoe, Illinois. After obtaining a search warrant, law enforcement located Arnold-Boesiger, deceased within Van Duyn’s vehicle housed in the storage unit.

After subsequent interviews and search warrants, along with the help of the Winnebago County Sheriff’s Office and Winnebago County State’s Attorney’s Office, Van Duyn was arrested and charged with the murder of Arnold-Boesiger. Van Duyn also pleaded guilty to kidnapping his 10-year-old daughter, which reportedly happened a month after the murder of Arnold-Boesiger.