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All mail must be sent to the facility and cannot be dropped off for detainees/inmates. Incoming mail will be delivered to detainees/inmates no later than (24) twenty-four hours after it is received from the Post Office. Outgoing mail will be forwarded to the Post Office no later than (24) twenty-four hours after it is received from the detainees/inmates.

The following items are prohibited and will be returned to the sender:

  • Letters and cards with ornamentation (musical, plastics, glitter, wood, metals, cloth, ribbon, cord, etc.), adhesives, paints, colored pencils, crayons, any foreign substances (paper altered/discolored, perfume, ink runny)
  • Photos larger than 4"x 6", Polaroid photos, pictures/photos depicting alcohol, drugs, gang affiliation, weapons (real or toys), nudity or sexual content
  • Books, booklets/pamphlets, newspapers, magazines, periodicals
  • Detainees/Inmates may not receive blank paper, stamps or envelopes in the mail.
  • Correspondence from other detainees/inmates, including use of a third party outside the facility to circulate mail back into the facility.
  • Cigarettes

If no return address is available, the package will be destroyed.

There will be no incoming or out-going mail on the weekends and holidays.

To write to a detainee/inmate that is in custody, address the envelope as shown below:

Detainee/Inmate's Full Name, Jail ID # ______________

McHenry County Jail
2200 N. Seminary Avenue
Woodstock, IL 60098

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