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The McHenry County Sheriff's Office communications center receives 911 calls from the unincorporated areas of McHenry County, as well as from the jurisdictions of the nine outside police agencies and four fire/rescue departments which contract dispatch services, for a total of 12 organizations that rely on the professionalism and skill of our 911 dispatchers.


All dispatchers and supervisors are Illinois Law Enforcement Agencies Data System (LEADS) certified. They are also certified through PowerPhone as Emergency Medical Dispatchers and are able to issue medical instructions while the injured or ill persons are awaiting the arrival of paramedic personnel.

Squad Car Communication

Patrol cars are equipped with a laptop computer and printer, allowing deputies to perform numerous inquiries from the vehicle, while keeping them in continuous contact with the Sheriff's Office, other deputies and the dispatch center.

The Sheriff's Office utilizes the STARCOM 21 800MHz radio platform. This system allows for clear communications and correspondence with nearly all agencies statewide.

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