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The McHenry County Correctional Division offers Public Fingerprinting during the following hours.

Mon-Fri 10:00am to 6:00pm
Sat: 10:00am to 2:00pm

There is no fee for this service and fingerprints are done utilizing the electronic TouchPrint Livescan System only. Please check with your requesting agency that is requiring your fingerprints and confirm that Livescan Prints will be accepted. Some agencies require ink prints and will not accept Livescan. Most fingerprints are taken and then handed back to the individual to be mailed back to their requesting agency. This facility will only electronically submit fingerprints for specific predetermined applications.

This facility is not authorized to take public fingerprints for anyone who is seeking school or education employment within McHenry County. These prints must be done at the Regional Office of Education in the Administration Building located across Ware Road from the Correctional Division.

This facility is not permitted to do Concealed Carry License nor Illinois Medical Cannabis Program Application Fingerprinting. For more information on these topics, please visit the ISP website at



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